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Repair Your Automobile

Auto Body Repair Tips


It is unfortunate that some of us will be involved in accidents. There are many reasons why accidents happen - a phone call distraction, bad weather, lack of sleep, - and because of these crashed are inevitable. Some of these accidents are minor where nobody gets injured. But this minor accident can seriously damage your car. Fenders and doors are the most likely to suffer in a car crash.


It is generally the work of an insurance company to get your car fixed and get it back on the road, and when this happens you should at least know a few things in order that your car is properly fixed.


It is you who has to choose who does the repairs. The insurance company may suggest some shops that they work with. Most of these auto body shops they recommend are reputable and make good quality repairs. But beware of those who cut corners and get the job done fast and cheap. Before you agree with your insurance company regarding choice of an auto body shop, make sure that you have done the necessary research online to check small business reviews.


Inquire about replacement parts used by the certified auto body repair san francisco shop, when you take your car in for repair. These auto body shops may use new original parts, used parts or aftermarket parts. Used parts that are made by your vehicle manufacturer can perform like the new original parts, but the aftermarket parts are often cheap imitations of the original which has an inferior quality. When you use these parts, they easily corrode, rattle and the value of your car will greatly diminish.


Make sure that paints match. There are many cars on the road with body parts that do not match in color. It is quite a challenge to match newly painted body parts with the rest of the car with its original color. Sometimes the body part comes out in a slightly different shade that the original. When the auto body repair is done inquire from the certified auto body repair san francisco shop which are the newly painted panels, then stand back and check to see if there is a difference in color. If you see a slight shade difference, then there has to be additional paint work in order to make the shade of the original.


Warning lights turn on in your dashboard after an accident. They can be the airbag light, the low coolant light, the check engine light and others. After picking up a finished car, check if all the problems have been corrected and none of the warning lights are on. If there are still lights turned on then your car's on-board computer need to be reprogrammed or electrical parts need replacement. Please check out to gain more info about auto body repair shop.